Invest in building
effective teams
With good knowledge of IT
Java, C#, Ruby, Python, HTML&CSS, JavaScript or UX

InIasi, Cluj or Timisoara
Tilda Publishing
A new & easy way to grow your team
The IT sector needs more IT professionals. As the classic recruitment efforts are becoming more and more challenging, theKIT aims to offer an alternative in helping IT organisations grow in a healthy and sustainable manner. We can take care of the training needs, working with technical (hard) skills or soft skills. We like building collaborative attitudes as we believe that stronger teams are more efficient than strong individuals.
More than just IT training
Before any training, we consult closely with representatives of your team to identify the needs and to establish the main topics of the training. We will strive to embed aspects of your team's culture and working methods to achieve extra efficiency whilst keeping certain things familiar.
This extra step is especially helpful when integrating newly trained members in your existing teams and something your HR team will certainly appreciate.

Are you a company that wants to recruit, or better, to grow IT professionals?
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