Personal Data Protection and Confidentiality
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Our team shall protect the rights to privacy and the confidentiality of our website users as much as possible. We aim to offer a secure and pleasant online experience and we do our best to ensure that the information you are providing to us via our website is used only for the intended purposes, as described in the context in which they were given.

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Information note regarding the personal data processing
This document contains the essential information related to the personal data processing method with regards to the services offered through our website,, the web platform hereinafter referred to as "the platform".

For the purpose of the definition of the article 4.1 of the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as GDPR), "personal data" means any information related to a natural person identified or identifiable ("the concerned person"); an identifiable natural person is a person that can be identified, directly or indirectly, especially by referring to an identification element, such as a name, an identification number, location data, online identifier or one or more specific elements, specific to his or her physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.

When asking to get more information on The KIT platform regarding our present and future courses you are required to provide your first and last name, your email address and you phone number. Submitting these information on our website and the subscription to our services facilitate us the access to your personal data.
The Responsibility of Personal Data Processing
Based on the authorisation provided by the data controllers, respectively, of the employers that have an account on The KIT platform, in order to develop their workforce recruitment activity, your personal data are processed in the capacity of "person empowered by the data controller" by:

KNOWLEDGE OF IT S.R.L., with headquarters in România, Iași, 138 Păcurari Street, 1St floor, space B8A, district Iași, registered at the Trade Register under no.: J22/2507/24.11.2016, having as sole identification number: 36778225.

Phone number: +40 734 933 099


Contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

You can contact the company DPO at the following email address:

Legal grounds, the purpose and the term of personal data processing

Based on the consent of the concerned person for the processing of his/her personal data, these are processed according to article 6.1, letter a) of GDPR. If the processing is needed for executing a contract to which the concerned person is a party or in order to take steps upon the request of the concerned person before a contract conclusion, the processing is made according to the article 6.1. letter b) of GDPR. If the processing is needed to comply with a legal obligation, this shall be made according to article 6.1, letter c) of GDPR. If the processing is needed for the legitimate interest of The KIT, this shall be made according to article 6.1, letter f) of GDPR.

The aim of the personal data processing is to facilitate on the The KIT platform the recruitment activity of the employers, in their capacity of controllers, clients of our company, respectively, to offer to the candidates the opportunity of looking for a job, through the application to the job advertisements published on the platform by the employers, respectively, to interact with them.

As the concerned persons for the personal data processing are part of the active category on the labour market, their provided data shall be processed until the ceasing of the purpose for which they were collected, respectively, until their withdrawal from the labour market or within the limits imposed by the law. During the processing, the concerned persons have the right to request any time the ceasing of their data processing.

In order to avoid any abuse related to the personal data storage, the data processed by the authorised employers, respectively the unblocked data from the CVs, shall be kept in the employers' accounts for one year after their provision. Also, the users' applications older than one year shall be deleted from their accounts.

The right to modify and delete your data from The KIT

The KIT gives rights to the users to change the registered contact details, some of your interests, including information about the new services and products. Also, you can ask for your data deletion any time.

Data security

For the data security and confidentiality, your The KIT account is protected by a password.

The data processing within the context of general use of The KIT platforms and services

At the moment of the log in on the platform, we shall collect information about your accessing device and we shall store these logging data on our servers. Therefore, we can collect information about: the browsers types and versions; the operating system used for the log in into the system; the third parties websites where from our website is accessed; the date and hour of the log in; the IP address; the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the accessing device; as well as any other information needed to protect our IT systems against cybernetic attacks. For security reasons (for example, in order to track a possible cybernetic attack against the platform) we shall store these data for 30 days, and thereafter we shall anonymize or delete these data. The temporary processing and storage of the IP addresses is made according to the article 6.1, letter f) of GDPR, as the website display, respectively the preservation of our own IT systems security, is the The KIT legitimate interest.

Newsletter notifications

By the subscription to the newsletters, The KIT shall process your email address for sending you notifications with topics that could be of interest for you. The legal basis for processing these data is based on the article 6.1, letter a) of GDPR. In order to demonstrate your identity, related to your subscription, based on the article 6.1 letter f) of GDPR, we shall store your IP address until you unsubscribe or until we cease to send notifications to you.

The sent notifications contain the so-called "tracking pixels", that inform us if that notification was opened, and the access date. The above mentioned data are needed for the optimization of the notification system used by The KIT, and it is a legitimate interest, according to the article 6.1, letter f) of GDPR.

The correspondence and the electronic contact

Our platforms may contain contact forms through which you can contact us on the electronic way; also, we can be contacted at the above mentioned email address. In this regard, the data containing the sent messages, as well as our answers shall be stored and processed until the discussed aspects are considered as clarified by both parties.

The disclosure and transmission of the personal information

The KIT shall not transmit (by sales or by leasing) to third parties your personal data.

However, The KIT can send this information to third parties in the following cases:

  • With your consent ;

  • If it is needed to send some information in view of providing the products and services requested by yourself.

  • When this information is needed to the company partners for improving or facilitating some services or products requested by you.

  • The partner companies have the right to use the personal data provided directly by The KIT only if it is required their assistance.

  • We may transmit personal data to the authorities or public institutions, according to law and in good faith, if:

(a) it is stipulated by a legal disposition;

(b) it is protecting the rights of The KIT or its affiliates;

(c) it is preventing an offence or it is protecting the national security;

(d) it is protecting the individual security or the public security.

In case The KIT is merging or is acquired totally or partially by another company, the database is transferred to the new controller. In case The KIT becomes insolvent, voluntarily or involuntarily, the database can be sold, authorised or transacted through the legal administrator or through the buyer only with the Court consent. In case of any of the above situations, you shall be notified by email or by a notice posted on The KIT websites.

The empowerment of the third parties for hosting services, security, maintenance and marketing and technical support activities

In order to provide its services, The KIT empowers the following third parties for its legitimate interest, and the mandated companies of The KIT can process the provided data only for the purpose for which they were transmitted, according to the article 28 of GDPR. The mandated companies shall keep the above mentioned personal data for the same period for which the data are processed as herein mentioned:

Hosting Services:

Google Cloud - Frankfurt Datacenter: with location at:


Cookies and other similar technologies

The natural persons can be associated with the online identifiers provided by the devices, apps, the tools and their protocols, such as IP addresses, cookies identifiers, as well as the identifying labels through radio frequency. These can provide tracking, especially when they are combined with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers, they can be used for creating profiles of the natural persons and for their identification.

A cookie is an information transmitted on the computer of a user, which identifies information regarding the concerned persons. The KIT and the mandated companies are using cookies for providing an easier navigation and in order to track / retain the visitors preferences, for statistic purposes, for informing, optimising and disseminating announcements / commercials taking into account the previous visits of an user, both on the website platform, as well as on the mobiles apps. The KIT uses cookies including on the browsers for the access of these websites or on the third parties websites that host our plug-ins.

The web beacons are transparent pixel images that are used for collecting information related to the website use.

The users have the option to set the browser so as to reject the cookies, click here for their deactivation. The cookies deactivation could have a negative impact on the navigation on the website, for example they cannot see certain images/get access to some options/facilities.


The partners we work with, such as Google, use such cookies for filtering the displayed information, taking into account the previous visits made on The KIT and/or other websites. For more information, please visit the following link: Google Policy for Commercials.

The below tools help us in understanding the platform users interaction and their analysis allows us send publicity messages in view to promote some customised adds that are compatible with your activity.

  • The Google Analytics programme is used by the platform in order to analyse the internet traffic provided by Google, by using cookies that help The KIT to understand the way in which the users are using the platform, by compiling reports related to the platform activity.

  • The Google Adwords programme: is used for providing information to the users that search for our services, as well as customised adds, based on behaviour.

The users can manifest their opt out for Google Analytics, by accessing the link:

The users options related to the cookies policy

The concerned persons have the right to adjust the confidentiality settings by blocking the cookies in the used browsers, but this option can negatively affect the optimal functioning of the used websites, and can impact including the saved and customised settings of the platforms regularly visited. At the same time, the browsers offer the opportunity to the users to specify which are the authorised sites for using the cookies modules.

By accessing the following links, the users can obtain information about the cookies setting modality on various used browser platforms:

The users can get additional information on the way the cookies are functioning by accessing the following links:

The rights of the concerned person

As a user of The KIT platform, according to GDPR dispositions, you have the following rights:

The right of access to information: You can ask for the confirmation of the fact that The KIT is processing personal data related to you;

In affirmative case, you can ask for the access to the following information:

a) the purpose of processing;

b) the concerned personal data categories;

c) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data were or are going to be disclosed, especially the recipients from third countries or international organisations;

d) whenever is possible, the period for which the personal data shall be stored or, if this is not possible, the criteria used for establishing this period;

e) the existence of the right to ask for the rectification or deletion of personal data or the restrictions of the personal data processing related to the concerned person or the right to oppose to the processing;

f) the right to complain to a surveillance authority;

g) in case the personal data are not collected from the concerned person, any available information related to their source;

h) the existence of an automated decisional process, including the creation of profiles, mentioned at article 22, paragraphs (1) and (4), as well as, at least in those cases, pertinent information regarding the used logics and related to the importance and consequences envisaged by such a processing for the concerned person.

When the personal data are transferred to a third country or to an international organization, the concerned person is entitled to be informed related to the adequate guarantees, based on the article 46 regarding the transfer.

The right to rectification

You have the right to get, without unjustified delay, the rectification of the inexact personal data. Taking into account the purpose of the processing, the concerned person has the right to obtain the completion of the incomplete personal data, including by providing an additional declaration.

The right to data deletion ("the right to be forgotten")

You have the right to obtain the deletion of personal data related to you, without unjustified delay, in case of any of the following reasons:

  1. (a) the personal data are not any more necessary for fulfilling the purpose for which they were collected or processed;

(b) the concerned person withdraws the consent based on which takes place the processing and there is no legal ground for processing;

(c) the concerned person is opposing to the processing, based on article 21, paragraph (1) and there are no legitimate reasons that prevail for the processing or the concerned persons is opposing to processing based on article 21, paragraph (2);

(d) the personal data were illegally processed;

(e) the personal data must be deleted in order to observe a legal obligation, according to the European Union or domestic law.

The exercise of the above mentioned rights is not applicable when the processing is needed:

(a) to exert the right to freedom of expression and to information;

(b) to observe a legal obligation which stipulates the processing according to the European Union or domestic law or to fulfil a task executed in the public interest;

(c) for public interests reasons in the public health sector;

(d) for archiving in public interest, for scientific or historic research or for statistics purposes, whenever the right exerted can make impossible or can seriously affect the fulfilment of the respective processing objectives; or

(e) to determine, exert or defend a right in a court.

When The KIT made public the personal data and is obliged to delete them, taking into account the available technology and the cost of implementation, we shall take the reasonable measures, including technical measures, in order to inform the third parties that process the personal data that the concerned person requested the deletion by these controllers of any link to such data or of any copies or reproductions of the personal data.

The right to restrict the processing

You have the right to obtain the restricting of the processing in any of the following cases:

(a) the concerned person is contesting the data accuracy, for the period that allows the controller to check the data accuracy;

(b) the processing is illegal, and the concerned person is opposing to the personal data deletion, and requests in exchange to restrict their use;

(c) the controller does not need any more the personal data for processing, but the concerned person ask for them for the determination, exercise or defence of a right in a court;

(d) the concerned person has opposed to the processing, according to the article 21, paragraph (1), for the period when it is checked if the controller legitimate rights prevail on those of the concerned person.

The right to data portability

You have the right to receive the personal data related to you and that were provided in a structured format, currently used and that can be automatically read and has the right to transmit these data to another controller, without obstacles from the controller to whom were provided the personal data, when:

(a) the processing is based on the consent based on article 6.1, letter a);

(b) the processing is made through automated means.

When exerting his/her right to the data portability, the concerned person has the right that his/her personal data is transmitted directly from a controller to another one, whenever this is possible from technical point of view.

The right to opposition

You have the right to opposition, taking into account your particular situation, to the processing, based on article 6, paragraph (1), letter (e) or (f), including to the creation of profiles based on these dispositions.

In this case, the personal data won't be processed, except when legitimate and imperious reasons are demonstrated, that justify the processing and that prevail on the interests, rights and freedoms of the concerned person or when the purpose is to determine, exert or defend a right in a court.

When the personal data processing has as purpose the direct marketing, you have the right to opposition in any moment to the processing for this purpose of your related personal data, including for the creation of profiles, when this is linked to the respective direct marketing.

The automated individual decision process, including the creation of profiles

You have the right not to be the object of a decision based on an automated decision, including the profiles creation, which can have legal effects that relate to you or can affect you similarly in a significant way.

The above mentioned provisions do not apply when the decision:

(a) is needed for concluding or executing a contract between the concerned person and you;

(b) is authorised by the European Union or domestic law and which stipulates, as well, the corresponding measures for protecting the rights, the freedoms and legitimate interests of the concerned person; or

(c) is based on your explicit consent.

Modifications of the Personal Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy

If we consider that it is necessary a modification of the confidentiality rules, we shall publish those modifications on this page, in order to inform you on the types of information we collect and use. If you have any questions regarding our confidentiality policy, please write us at the contact details provided.

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