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career in IT?

The IT field continues to grow and needs YOU in IT. Many opportunities are available and, with theKIT, you now have the most approachable and effective route to start a new career.

C# programmers are in demand now in Cluj and we have organised a training session beginning in May. This technology is widely used in the automotive and hardware engineering fields, making applications that are robust and run safely as they usually affect the lives of very many people on a daily basis.

What you need:

  • 100% of your energy, dedication and focus
  • Time availability (15 full days during the working days)
  • Paying a fee of €1400 if you register until the 10th of May
Training at theKIT offers an experience that mimics the usual work in the field. You will learn, practice and become a complete professional ready to enter a new career. We use real scenarios and adapt the environment to resemble real companies. The technical skills are only a part of the entire experience. You will develop collaborative skills and work to improve on communication, leadership, time-management, focus and currently used methodologies.

The applications of this training helps you growing continuously in your career, in a healthy manner and your life outside of an office too.

It makes our recipe unique.

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